Dear visitor,

I warmly welcome you to the homepage of the Paderborn Cathedral. In the name of the chapter of the cathedral, I invite you to discover the beauty of our cathedral, its art treasures and its long history. Above all, the cathedral is the house of God, place of prayer and liturgy. Maybe this site can give you an idea of ​​it.

You are welcome to come to Paderborn and to view this stone of faith and experience it with all your senses.

Monsignore Joachim Göbel | Provost

Guided tours

Saturdays: 10.30 and 14.30 o'clock
Wednesdays: 15.00 o'clock
Duration: 1 hour
Costs p.p. 2,50 €
Meeting point: paradise portal (main entrance to the cathedral)
Registration not required

In case of current events the public guided tours may be omitted.

GUIDED group tours (registration required)
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